The average human will spend a third of their life working, clocking up around 90,000 hours of employment across their lifespan. Perhaps this is why the workplace is often the locus of the design world, a hub through which creatives and analysts deploy strategies that make productivity and satisfaction manifest. 

While the workplace has always been a key area for the design community, the last three years have introduced new challenges and considerations. With large office blocks emptying and employers struggling to entice their staff away from their home-office setups, it has fallen to design teams to navigate what the future of working means and find ways to satisfy multiple stakeholders. 

Cut to today – where even the simplest of workplace briefs require an innate understanding of the demands of the modern workplace, and an ability to predict what might be around the corner. Designers must navigate a rapidly changing technological and anthropic landscape, where AI is whirring in the background while simultaneously workers are crying out for community and connectivity.

The INDE.Summit – a regional conference of design thinking and forecasting – will explore the nexus of this intersection of priorities and examine the evolution of the workplace and the workforce through the lens of design and architecture. 

Join us on Wednesday August 9, for a full day of knowledge sharing and education, where the best in Indo-Pacific design, architecture and creative strategy will dive into the topics informing your practice. For this session – Workplace: Architecture for a Hybrid Workforcewe’ll discuss how workplace design can help and support different ways of working, what the end user wants and needs, and what architecture and design in 2023 is bringing to the boardroom and the kitchen table. 

For this panel, you’ll hear from speakers who excel at hybrid design, those who have made a legacy out of the amalgamation of typology, of brief and of end user. Moderator Sue Fenton (Woods Bagot) will be joined by major players from the globe’s biggest firms ( Tom Herron, Hassell; Kellie Payne, Bates Smart ) as well as innovators (Colin Seah, Ministry of Design Singapore) and strategists (Nick Todd, Era-co)  who will challenge your understanding of what the workplace can, is and should be.

Better yet, the 2023 INDE.Summit is fully digital and completely free, meaning you can join from wherever you are in the world and enjoy full access to the conversations and discussions that will supercharge your design practice. So tune in and join a virtual community of architects and designers from across the region for this interactive session. 

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The INDE.Summit is a digital event to be held on Wednesday August 9, 2023. Registration is free and gives you access to a full day of panels and presentations. The Summit will be followed by the annual INDE.Awards Gala on Thursday August 10 which will be held in Sydney, Australia and broadcast live around the globe. Register for your free digital ticket now.

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