From our first moments in pre-school to time spent in healthcare, our life can be tracked through the spaces we move through. As spaces of service and servitude, design is imperative in the way we perceive institutions, dictating the way we exist in these temporal realms. 

Institutional design is occupying our design frameworks now more than ever before. Global pandemics, aging populations, shifting workforces and social movements have redefined the boundaries of the institution, with many re-evaluating the role they play in society at large. These are institutions that teach, heal, rehabilitate and regulate, and designers across the world must ask how they can be improved and reimagined to meet our changing needs.

The 2023 INDE.Summit will explore the relationship between design and the establishment, questioning how practice across the Indo Pacific will lead and shape this junction into the future. Against a backdrop of rising design influence, a panel of regional experts will take to the digital floor to debate answers to questions including: how have institutional spaces changed to meet new technology and ways of thinking; how have they been made safer and more accessible; and how do these changes play out at home and across the Indo-Pacific? 

Join us for this probing session on Wednesday August 9, where the free INDE.Summit program will enter its third annual season of knowledge generation and design inspiration. As a completely digital event, the Summit is the only truly regional symposium of design, where practitioners from across the Indo Pacific can meet and share ideas on the topics that matter most.

For this particular session – Education And More – Shifts In Institutional Architecture – moderator Marina Carroll (Principal, Architectus) will be joined by a panel of experts from across the region, who will bring their diverse experience and contexts to a discussion of institutional design. Speakers include Graeme Spencer (HDR), Shimul Zaveri Kadri (SJK Architects), Tara Veldman (BLP) and Rajat Khanna (GroupGSA).

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The INDE.Summit is a digital event to be held on Wednesday August 9, 2023. Registration is free and gives you access to a full day of panels and presentations. The Summit will be followed by the annual INDE.Awards Gala on Thursday August 10 which will be held in Sydney, Australia and broadcast live around the globe. Register for your free digital ticket now.

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