Effectively a grid within a grid, Furnished Forever’s latest design reveals repeated structural elements that deliver a rectilinear sculptural form. Here, the straight, smooth timber lines are met with the softly curved profile within the grid of upholstery.

Founded in 2017 by designers René Linssen and Elliot Bastianon, Furnished Forever is a commercial furniture studio based in Canberra.

Furnished Forever serves up dessert with Waffle

Defining their style with clean lines, crisp geometry and a restricted colour palette, Bastianon’s focus is on hand skills and material exploration. At the same time, Linssen’s industrial design background leans towards production and commercial viability.

These complementing skillsets have coalesced in a collection of furniture that floats between commercial application and crafted detailing.

Furnished Forever serves up dessert with Waffle

Knowing the high quality of Australian manufacturing, all Furnished Forever products are designed and fabricated domestically, with a particular emphasis on manufacturers in the ACT and Southern NSW region.

This allows direct dialogue between the design house and industry to ensure each piece meets the studio’s high standards. Made entirely in Australia, the chairs can accommodate short lead times.

Furnished Forever

Haydn Cattach

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