It can be hard to run a successful business. You need a good idea, the right production methods, excellent customer service, and good prices. Of course, you also need customers to purchase your items and help you to generate a profit.

It’s hard to attract the customers you need in a competitive market and even more difficult during a global pandemic.

If that wasn’t enough, a small mistake can cost you your reputation. It takes years to create a great reputation but it takes minutes to destroy it, thanks to social media. One of the simplest ways to have a negative impact on your business is by having a filthy bathroom. Here’s why:


Successful businesses are those that create high-quality products or services and make sure that your every need is catered for. They respect the importance f the customer and the fact that the customer’s money is what keeps them in business.

This is illustrated by the way they deal with customers, specifically issues that customers have and how they can be resolved.

Unfortunately, all of this can be undone in seconds when the customer enters a filthy bathroom.

They will instantly think that a business that doesn’t care about the cleanliness of their bathroom will not care about the quality of their product.

That’s enough to persuade them to shop elsewhere.

Health & Hygiene

During the global pandemic, you’ll find high-quality hand sanitizer is everywhere. It can help to keep the virus at bay. But, this shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for the traditional cleanliness protocols in your bathroom.

A clean bathroom is hygienic and reduces the risk of bacteria being spread between people. If a customer steps into a filthy bathroom, most of them will be wondering what they are likely to catch. The thought of possible diseases is generally enough to get them to leave without using the facilities and without buying anything.

Even if they’ve already purchased something, they are unlikely to return. Customers will generally go to the business that has the most comfortable facilities. Filthy bathrooms don’t give anyone comfort.

Don’t forget, if you’re running a food establishment and you have a dirty bathroom you won’t just find customers leaving. You’ll likely get a visit from the health inspector who has the power to shut you down. 

Keep it Clean

The good news is that looking after your bathroom isn’t difficult. You need gloves, a clean cloth, and some disinfectant spray. Periodically, at least 3-4 times a day, pop into the bathroom and wipe down all the surfaces. You can also ensure the toilet rolls are filled up and the bins are not-overflowing. 

At the same time make sure there is plenty of soap and hand sanitizer. It doesn’t take a lot of effort but it will create a great impression for your customers.

Add a chat to show when it was last cleaned and your customers will forgive small errors. This will allow you to maintain your reputation, make sales, and perhaps even generate a profit!

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