Don’t think that you and your aircon unit will be the exception to the rule, that your system won’t look you in the eye and let you down because it will. They have no loyalty these days, they do what they deem fit and then pack up and retire before you have a say. The key is to get out in front, be step ahead and keep to an annual maintenance plan.

Having a company come in once a year and do a full service on your heating and AC unit will not only ensure they are working optimally and safely, but any rising problems can be seen immediately before they become a headache that no-one wants.

Any doubts or small signs you may start noticing is a red flag waving in the wind of your consciousness, pick up the phone and have a team come around. It could indeed be nothing, but it may well be something.

Finding the best Repair and Installation for AC in Burnaby

What is an aircon?

Well, you can read its full and technical definition here, but essentially it is that magic white box that treats the air in your home or office. Taking out the warm air and bringing in cooler air so you don’t have to spend the day as a sweaty Betty. 

While they are much more advanced than they were just a few years ago and have many more features which we will touch on later in the article, they have been around for some time. Mid 1800’s to be fair by an American physician hoping to use the concept to cool his patients he was treating.

How to choose an AC. 

Before you make any decisions and certain purchases, have a walk around your house thinking where it’s going to be placed. The layout and design of the house will have a major impact regarding the type and model of the unit you can get, the budget is also a factor. 

There are versions suited to specific layouts and then some that can work around what you have. Watch this video for some insight into the various models. The 3 main ones are window AC, split AC and portable AC, each requiring a different setup.

3 Types of AC’s.

  • Window AC. What you see is what you get. A single unit box is placed on a window sill half in and half out.
  • Split AC. This unit is broken up into 2 parts, split as it says, into the box inside which blows the circulated air, and the one outside with the compressor section.
  • Portable AC. This works well if you are renting because it isn’t fixed into a position it can go where you go.
Finding the best Repair and Installation for AC in Burnaby

Advantages of Using an AC.

If you have a house full of people or kids constantly running around, a lot of air is circulating, with an AC unit you can ensure that that air is cool and you not just rebreathing hot air. The house maintains a comfortable temperature and it’s a pleasure to lounge or even work if you have the luxury of doing that from home.

Now, all we need is the unit not to break down on us in the heat of summer, unfortunately, these things do happen. Look for a reliable company with a reputable reputation. Recommendations from friends and family will go a long way. 

For a company providing quality service and that has rave reviews from satisfied customers, get in touch with companies like AC Burnaby, who provides top-rated work without all the fuss. You want a company with years of experience and has the expertise to get the job done right the first time around.

Finding the best Repair and Installation for AC in Burnaby

There are many reasons for having an AC unit installed, check out this interesting read on the good the bad and the ugly of aircons, and get some insight into what you’re getting yourself into.

An AC unit can change the dynamic of a household, it can increase the mood if people aren’t hot and bothered. 

And with the newer models, an auto shut-off mode can let you go to sleep without worrying to have to get up to switch it off, so you get a decent night’s sleep. Sweet Dreams.

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