Artwork with kind permission by Andrea Ferolla.

This week, I’ve got travel on my mind. I’m off to Italy in late August for my niece’s wedding, and I’m counting the days. Yes, I know it’s a few months off, but I’m fully immersing myself in all things Italian and have appropriately switched my Duolingo language lessons from French to Italian. This is what I do—I go all in, researching and mapping cafes, shops, and sights to see. I’m first headed to Rome for about a week, and then on to Tuscany for the wedding, and then back to Rome for a few more days.

An Airbnb in Monti.

I’m traveling solo, so while I’d like to head elsewhere in Italy, I’m keeping it simple for myself and staying in Rome both before and after the wedding (although I’m flexible, and one never knows where travel can take you!). I had first thought of staying in a hotel in Rome to be around people in the evening, but much of what I love about visiting other countries is pretending to live like a local, so I’ve booked two Airbnb’s in Rome, both quite lovely! I also love going to the local farmer’s markets and specialty shops on holiday and cooking lovely meals with fresh ingredients, so that’s what I’m planning to do, not every night, of course. There’s nothing like trying all the restaurants one can possibly stuff ourselves with, but sometimes an evening in is quite nice and much needed, too.

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