A purple screen displaying the K-pop persona process on Spotify

Ever wondered what K-pop group member archetype suits you best? If so, you’re in luck. Spotify’s latest gimmick sorts users into different personas of a K-pop group.

The feature borrows imagery from a more analog internet and uses your answers to questions like, “What’s your favorite thing about K-Pop?” and “A perfect first date with your bias would be…” to define you as a Main Rapper, Main Vocal, Main Dancer, or Main Trainee. Each persona comes with a list of personality traits. Trainees are “curious” and “youthful” while Vocals are “powerful” and “warm.”

While anyone can take the quiz and receive a K-pop persona, Spotify users get the additional bonus of a Fan Role as well. Fan Roles range from New Gen Stan of the Group to DJ of the Group. Your K-pop persona and Fan Role are delivered to you as brightly colored, shareable cards.

It’s one of several in-app experiences launched by Spotify in recent years to engage different fandoms. For example, last year it told fans their most-streamed Taylor Swift eras.

To find out your K-pop persona go to K-pop persona on mobile, and if you’re a Spotify user make sure you’re logged into your account. Answer the five questions and your role will be revealed.