Having all the right tools is crucial for unleashing creativity, whether you’re seeking inspiration in a coffee shop, a shared space, or anywhere else. This calls for a significant level of discipline to select a great stationery set to keep your creative flow uninterrupted. The Bento Jot from NOOE may be the perfect solution. The concept is borrowed from the Japanese bento – a single-portion home-packed meal or for take-out, with a history dating back to the Kamakura period. Modern bento boxes have evolved from simple packed meals to more elaborate arrangements with separate compartments for different dishes, emphasizing aesthetic presentation. This is where the Bento Jot shines. They’ve distilled the essential elements of a bento box, a cornerstone of Japanese culture, to create a tool designed to help you excel at what you do best – nurturing your creativity at work.

Designers: Neetica Pande and Piyush Suri

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12-Item Stationery Collection

Just as a traditional bento box offers various dishes, Bento Jot presents a unique 3-layer stationery set inspired by the bento box and the simplicity of Scandinavian design. It combines a sleek design with distinctive functionality. Composed of 12 carefully designed stationery items, Bento Jot uses premium materials to enhance your desk space and inspire creativity. The design philosophy behind Bento Jot, deeply rooted in the principles of quality, sustainability, and a cohesive aesthetic, reflects the serene and clutter-free ethos of Scandinavian design, as explained by Neetica Pande, Co-founder and Chief Design Officer of NOOE:

“We love stationery, however, the main challenges we saw with most available stationery today were poor quality and the lack of standardization. We envisioned a collection that has a cohesive aesthetic and performs exceptionally well, while still being designed sustainably. We wanted to move from cheap-plasticky to a more emotive-tactile experience,” Pande elaborates.

Every contour, edge, corner and part of the Bento Jot has been molded to be the perfect fit for the creative in you.

This approach to stationery design, focusing on quality and tactile experience, reflects a deeper understanding of the user’s needs and the environmental impact of products. It emphasizes NOOE’s commitment to redefining stationery with an eye for detail and sustainability, making Bento Jot a tool and a statement of purpose and creativity.

The three layers of Bento Jot include the Øver layer, where the Aluminum pen and Monograph Journal are stored. In the Mid layer, a high-quality leather organizer is available for keeping necessary items. The Base layer neatly organizes desk essentials to prevent loss: Aluminum ruler, Blok Measuring Tape, Dipped Pencil, Sticky Note, Logo Pins, Gluestick, Geo Eraser, and Draft Scissor. All items feature authentic designs explicitly made for Bento Jot.

Beneath the essentials lies the mid layer, a dedicated space for the Bento Jot organizer – the vegan leather carrying case that makes the act of carrying your stationery effortless with its expandable features and adjustable holders.

As you explore each element of this smart stack and store system, the tactile feel of premium materials instantly conveys quality. The design adheres to a singular theme: minimalism. Bento Jot is crafted from premium recycled materials, utilizing 95% less plastic than other stationery options available on the market.

The shell is the sum of all parts, so it’s delightful to see that every detail has been carefully considered, such as the rubbers placed at the bottom to prevent scratches, soft die-cut compartments, and the interchangeable lids for customization. The “Forest Green” and “Carbon Black” color options are exclusive and only available on Kickstarter.

Bento Jot’s innovative design encourages users to maintain an organized tableau, fostering undistracted and clutter-free creativity.

Now, let’s examine the individual tools to understand their advantages. They provide everything you need for your desk, reminiscent of a deliciously organized bento box.

Crafted from solid anodized aluminum, the pen’s body is resilient and immune to scratches, maintaining its pristine appearance over time.

The Blade Aluminum Pen, crafted from solid anodized aluminum, offers durability, ensuring it won’t scratch if accidentally dropped. Its magnetic cap closure adds convenience, and refilling with the Schmidt Roller 888 ink filler is a simple task when the ink runs low.

At the heart of the collection lies the Monograph Journal, featuring natural white, 120-gram paper with a dot grid and edge recess for a seamless writing experience. Every page is thoughtfully numbered, and the flat open binding allows for easy writing, making it an indispensable companion for personal reflections and professional endeavors. The journal’s durability is matched by its sustainability, with a cover crafted from cross-grain recycled polyurethane, embodying the collection’s commitment to eco-friendly design.

The dot-grid Monograph Journal

Complementing the journal is the Attaché Organizer, a compact yet expansive tool designed to streamline your workspace. Its expandable front pocket adapts to your needs, while the 100% cotton herringbone lining adds a touch of sophistication. The organizer’s recycled cross-grain leather exterior speaks to the collection’s sustainable ethos and adds a layer of durable elegance.

For precision tasks, the Al Ruler and Blok Measuring Tape offer unmatched accuracy. The solid aluminum machined ruler boasts dual units for versatile measurements. At the same time, the Blok Measuring Tape features a dark mode measuring strip, dual units, and a lock & release mechanism, ensuring precision and ease of use in various contexts.

With its HB graphite and dual-color dip, the Dipped Pencil infuses creativity into every stroke, making it a vibrant addition to any desk. This is complemented by the Sticky Note set, utilizing high-quality 3M paper in a check design, perfect for organizing thoughts and tasks with style and efficiency.

Adding a touch of personalization to the collection, the Logo Pins can secure up to 12 papers, offering a functional yet stylish way to keep your documents organized. The Geo Eraser, with its slant cut and dual-color design, combines functionality with a modern aesthetic, ensuring that even corrections contribute to the creative process.

Rounding off the collection is the Draft Scissor, a solid MS tool with a matt black finish designed for everyday use. Its durability and sleek design make it a staple in any office environment, embodying the Bento Jot collection’s fusion of style, functionality, and sustainability.

Together, these items form a cohesive set that not only enhances productivity and creativity but also brings a sense of harmony and order to your workspace, inspired by the minimalist elegance of Scandinavian design and the practical beauty of a well-arranged bento.

The Bento Jot set redefines stationery by tackling desk clutter and elevating personal esteem through its thoughtful design and premium materials. It organizes and beautifies workspaces and boosts users’ morale, making each written word feel valuable. This transformation extends beyond the physical to alter perceptions, ensuring users’ ideas and efforts are esteemed. Additionally, its sustainable, adaptable design aligns with the modern consumer’s preference for minimalist, eco-conscious products, enhancing its appeal. Ultimately, Bento Jot is more than an organizational tool; it’s an emblem of mindful living and personal expression, indispensable for those seeking to enhance their productivity and creative space.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $99 $189 ($90 off). Hurry, only 3/106 left!

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