The overlanding experience in your pick-up only gets better with an efficient and functional truck topper. And when that truck camper is a two-story complex with its own awning and touch of a button control; you can think, but won’t want to own anything else!

Inquisitive? Wild Land has come up with an interesting idea of Safari Camper, which is more than every day pick-up bed camper. After giving us the world’s first wireless remote-controlled rooftop tent, the Chinese overland product manufacturer has revealed the remote-controlled Safari Camper that rests on the truck bed and gives us a two-story tent to sleep and play on the press of an open button. Shutting it close is equally easy: Press close!

Designer: Wild Land

The Safari Camper is designed for the Chinese market and is already available there, state wise delivery is still in oblivion at the time of writing. That said, what intrigues an adventurer’s attention is the Safari Camper’s unique automatic lift system that opens from truck bed top to two stories to accommodate a few people easily. The lift is kicked into action from a keychain remote control – a little manual intervention is required to flip a few extensions – and you have a truck bed section and a high-perched rooftop tent above.

Of course, the kind of height the upper rooftop tent has, it is going to be somewhat vulnerable to the winds. But that little peril hasn’t stopped Wind Land from packing ample interior space here. The tent is accessed via a ladder from the pick-up bed and it has a 5.6-foot headroom extendable using the fold-out tent floor extensions on the front and back –pulled down manually – that increase sleeping space. The mesh windows in the tent offers 270-degree views, while the openable skylight lets you stargaze when the surroundings are engulfed in darkness.

The Safari Cruiser weighs about 250 kg, and rests on the top of the truck’s bed rails. When it’s closed it rests comfortably on the pick-up’s shell and can carry about 30 kg load of your adventure gear. At camp when you open it, in addition to the top tent, you have a second low tent below which doesn’t have much headroom and can be used as a kid’s room or for dining and lounging.

Interestingly, the top rooftop tent is laid with a 30W solar panel to power the LED lighting and lift system battery. Attached to the lower section is a 360-degree awning that provides shade from the sun and gives additional living space just outside, which can be fun at the beach or when fishing in the lake.

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