geronimo balloons studio art gallery wall. / sfgirlbybay

this weekend i hit the Pasadena City College Flea market with my friend Jihan of geronimo balloons and we found some most excellent treasures! she did better than i did — that girl has the eye, and scored not only some amazing chairs, but the print you see just above on the floor of her beautiful studio gallery (we’ve shared her studio and her home here before!). i posted this image on instagram and got quite a few remarks about where to find artwork like this, so i thought it might make for a handy post for you. you can start your own collection with prints like these from flea markets and thrifting, and also online from sites like craigslistchairish, everything but the house, etsy and ebay. even new or reproduction artwork from places like little paper planes, 20 x 200, tappan collective, and mammoth & co. can blend well with vintage drawings and portraits. when searching online at any of these sites, use keywords like: drawing, sketch, vintage, portrait, paintings, or your favorite artists’ names — like matisse for instance (one of my personal favs). here’s a few ideas and inspiration on how to get the look!

get the look: sourcing vintage-inspired artwork. / sfgirlbybay

sources: 1. Vintage Pencil Portrait Sketch of Dapper Young Man, chairish; 2. 1949 Portrait of a Woman Drawing by V. Costello, chairish; 3. reproduction of henri Matisse’s La Grande Tete de Katia,; 4. circa 1944 Nu Couche de Dos by henri matisse, via; 5. Henri Matisse Lithographic Print by Mourlot by Sauret (1959) after the original poster, Published in 1959 via

Jihan of geronimo balloons' vintage art collection. / sfgirlbybayvintage art finds online. / sfgirlbybay

sources: 6. 1930’s Glamour Charcoal Drawing, chairish; 7. 1955 Madge Tennent Hawaiian Woman Drawing, chairish; 8. Black Sketch Art Print by Henri Matisse at; 9. circa 1950’s David Landis Charcoal Female Nude Drawing, chairish; 10. henri matisse Lithographic Print by Mourlot for ‘Art in Posters” by Sauret (1959) from; 11. Le Platane Art Print by Henri Matisse at; 12. Female Pose Giclee Print by Ty Wilson at