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hello friends, and a very happy thanksgiving to those of you celebrating america’s favorite feasting holiday! i am writing this from 91-degree california today (so weird!), but tomorrow i board a plane to a chillier climate in france. so i just wanted to take a moment to give thanks for you guys — for all your kind support of both the blog, and my new shop super marché. i couldn’t do my dream job without your participation and encouragement and the fact that we’ve been at this for over ten years now is monumental to me and the gratitude i feel for being able to do what i love is not lost on me. i am one very fortunate girl.

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it’s been a long strange year with too much sadness and senseless deaths, weird politics, and mistreatment of women, and mankind in general. i, for one, am so thankful for the heroes in all of this and am trying to find hope in their fearlessness. people who rush in to help and those who come forward when it’s anything but easy to do so. i hope somehow this all turns some kind of corner into positivity and less of a drama every damn day. with that in mind, i think we should all be careful not to become too addicted to all that drama, because without becoming a crazy conspiracy theorist, i know that while much of what’s going on is all too real, i do think sometimes this madness is served up as a distraction to the bigger issues happening around us, and knowing how popular reality tv is, people in power tend to create these dramas to make us look the other way. but i don’t want to dwell on this all too much —  i just wanted to say thank you for the support here on the blog, and out there in ‘real life’ too. so many of you have become friends online, and in person and that means so much to me. keep your chins up and think all the happy thoughts this holiday and try and be really grateful for all the people in your lives that matter the most. all this other stuff will fall away when we focus on the stuff we’re so lucky to have — love and friendship and maybe a yummy turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy. we’ll be back on monday with a bunch of ‘best ofs’ while i’m away in france. love you,

xo, victoria

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