Many home design trends that were popular in the past are coming back, and homeowners today are putting a modern twist on them. These trends can help you give your home a boost while keeping up with the trends.

Home Design Trends That Are Making a Comeback

Home Lifts

Today, more are looking to age in place in their homes. This was not as feasible in the past, but advances in technology mean this is a more viable option than ever. Home lifts can make your home easier to navigate, which can be especially helpful if important areas, such as bedrooms or living spaces, are on multiple levels. You can choose from home lifts of all types to find something that will work well in your space.


Wallpaper was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, and while it has been getting more popular in the past few years, it is expected to make even more of a comeback this year. Wallpaper can give your space a huge lift, and it comes in many textures and prints. In the past, wallpaper was extremely difficult to remove or redo if you got it wrong the first time around, but today you can find many peel and stick options. This allows you to install it yourself, and it is a viable option for renters.

Changes in Kitchen Design

Kitchens with enough room to eat in are becoming more popular, instead of having a separate dining room. Eating together has always been a way to bring families together, and the kitchen is where the meal began. Plus, fewer families want a separate formal dining room. Because the kitchen is larger anyway, it is not that difficult to set aside a corner or side of the room to install a breakfast nook.

Dining spaces in your kitchen are great areas to have fun with your design. You can add a bit of texture or color to the space by painting the walls, adding wallpaper, incorporating conversation starting décor, and displaying beautiful dishes or cookware. Hanging beautiful, functional cookware on the walls also frees up cabinet and counter space for less aesthetic kitchen essentials.

Changing Color Palates

Bright colors might have been popular in previous seasons, but muted colors are making a steady comeback. Because of the amount of time many people spend indoors, they want their homes to feel inviting and cozy. Mixing and matching warm colors can give your space depth and help you create a range of looks, depending on your goals for that space. Darker colors are popular as accent colors for things like trim.

On the other hand, some homeowners are starting to incorporate gold colors into their décor. Gold was popular in the 1980s because many homeowners wanted their homes to feel more opulent. While the use of gold today may be more toned down than it was in the 1980s, it can still look striking if you pair it with darker materials. Adding a few gold accent options can put the finishing touches on a room.

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