Are you looking to lead a greener lifestyle? Many people are now taking action to reduce their environmental impact, and it is easy to see why when it is such a major topic in the media with a lot of shocking footage emerging in recent times. Additionally, with more and more people taking action, it creates a social pressure for others to follow suit. Everyone needs to make an effort to lead a greener lifestyle as this is when positive results will be seen, but how can you go about leading a greener lifestyle? There are plenty of changes, both big and small, to consider, including the following.

Buy An Electric Car

One of the best ways to reduce your impact is to buy an electric car. The electric car revolution is gathering pace, and there are many reasons to switch, including both financial and environmental benefits, so it is a win-win. There is also a greater range of vehicles available and the technology is always improving as well as the infrastructure.

Walk/Cycle Where Possible

It is also a good idea to think about every trip you need to make and whether you really need to drive. It is a habit to grab the keys when leaving home, but often you could walk or cycle instead, which would be much greener, free, and also a good form of exercise. 

Give Up/Reduce Meat Consumption

One area where many struggle is their diet, which is understandable because it has such a big impact on your life and can bring a lot of pleasure. The climate impact of meat is enormous, though, so this is an important area to address. Meat production leads to deforestation, global warming acceleration, the killing of wildlife, and is even increasing the risk of future pandemics. If you are not able to give up meat entirely, a good step to take is simply to reduce your intake (such as having at least one non-meat dinner each week). 

Don’t Waste Food

Following in from this, you should also try to prevent food waste as this adds to the amount of CO2 being created in landfills. You can do this by planning meals carefully, only buying what you need, and composting food that is past its sell-by date – this will also help to create a natural fertilizer for your garden.

Try To Use Less Plastic

Plastic is another major area that needs addressing, and the consumer can hold a lot of power here. A few ways that you can use less plastic in your life including using a canvas bag instead of plastic shopping bags, using a non-plastic water bottle, and not buying items at the supermarket with plastic packaging (particularly fruit and veg).

Increase Recycling

Everyone is aware of the importance of recycling yet many people are confused about what they can and cannot recycle or do not make as much of an effort as they should. Many things can be recycled that people tend to throw in the trash, so educate yourself and your household on recycling and make it easy for people to recycle so that less of your waste is going to landfill.

Use Solar Energy

One of the biggest and most effective changes that you can make is having solar panels installed in your home. Solar panels convert photons from the sun (even on a cloudy day) into your own electricity to power the home. This is an alternative source of energy that will significantly reduce your environmental impact while also slashing your household costs. On top of this, any electricity that is generated which you do not use in the home can be sold back to the grid for credit, so it is actually a smart financial investment to make while also greatly reducing your impact. Contact Custom Solar and Leisure to find out more and to take the first step towards a greener lifestyle.

Reduce Household Energy Consumption

Following on from this, you should also be looking for ways to reduce energy consumption in the home as this is another key area and also a brilliant way to reduce your household costs. There are all kinds of ways to do this, including switching off items when not in use, LED lightbulbs, energy-efficient appliances, washing clothes on a cold setting, and insulating the home. 

Hopefully, this post will inspire you and encourage you to lead a greener lifestyle. There are both big and small changes to weigh up, and you should find that many of these can bring other benefits to your life too.

Freelance writer, Delicia Warren, is passionate about the environment and the impact humans are having on the world around us. She’s an advocate of holistic approaches to life’s issues, including alternative medicines, as well as having an interest in helping individuals make small changes to their lifestyles to minimize their carbon footprint.

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