Below are some tips for keeping trespassers off your property. 
Below are some tips for keeping trespassers off your property. 

If you’ve invested in a piece of property, you hope you, your family, and your friends will be the only ones with access to the property. But that doesn’t always happen due to trespassing which could compromise your safety and the security of your property. 

In most cases, catching a trespasser may not be the best option, as it could result in a commotion that could endanger the lives of both of you. The best approach is to prevent trespassers from accessing your property in the first place. 

Below are some tips for keeping trespassers off your property. 

Fence You Property

Fencing is the most obvious action if you have a trespassing problem on your property. Fencing clearly defines both boundaries and ownership.

You can choose different fencing options depending on your budget or the size of your property. A barbed wire fence could be your best choice if you have a large ranch. For smaller properties, installing a chain wire fence may be the best option as it is reasonably economical and may also help keep unwanted animals out or pets in!

You could also consider planting a living fence if you want trespassers to look into your property. Installing a living fence may not be sufficient in keeping trespassers from accessing your property if they are intent on trespassing. However, it can help convey your intent to keep outsiders out. It also helps prevent accidental trespassing. 

Erect Signage

Besides fencing, erecting no trespassing signs on your property can be very effective in keeping trespassers away as the signs are a clear sign of your ownership and intent to protect your rights.. The best places to erect no trespassing signs would be on or near routes commonly used by trespassers. 

In the no trespassing sign, ensure you indicate the consequences the trespassers would face if caught. Having signage helps create an impression of surveillance on the property, making the trespasser reconsider their intentions to trespass.

Install Security Cameras at Strategic Places

Installing security cameras at strategic places on your property can be a good way to monitor your property. When installing security cameras, it is best to go for motion detection cameras. 

You should also consider using infrared cameras for ease of monitoring even in low light situations. The extra cost is marginal and is far outweighed by the benefits.

Modern security cameras notify owners of movement on the property by sending a notification to their phones. When notified of possible trespassing, the best action would be to notify authorities to have the trespassers arrested. The best security cameras also have a speaker. This can be used to great effect if you are simply trying to keep kids short-cutting through your property.

Sue Trespassers

Often, trespassers will not be people from far off. It will be people living relatively close to where you live and who knows there could be something of value on your property, such as deer, during the hunting season. If you catch trespassers on your property, suing them for trespassing will send a clear message that you do not entertain trespassers, which could help deter other trespassers.

If a trespasser causes damage, you could sue them for the damages too. When filing for damages from a trespasser, you may want to work with property damage lawyers to help you manage potential complications of your case and ensure that justice is served.

Block Valuable Items from View

While some trespassers will trespass for no apparent reason, having a high-value item in clear view can incentivize trespassing. So it is best to keep high-value items covered or in an area where they can’t be seen from outside your property. 

For example, having your car in an open view could attract vandals. Whenever possible, ensure that your vehicle stays inside the garage. Also, you may want to consider rerouting your packages to a location where the delivery person can find you. A package on your porch could attract ‘porch pirates’ who would not have been there in the first place. 

Liaise With Your Neighbors

Your neighbors can become the best allies in your efforts to prevent trespassers from accessing your property. If you are facing trespassing problems, it will be highly likely that your neighbors will face the same or they are part of the problem. 

So if you can, build a relationship with them and let them know how you intend to use the land, and share your concerns about trespassing with them. If they have the same problem in their property, you can create a united front to address the issue. 

Discussing your concerns with your neighbors can help deter future trespassing if they are part of the problem. Also, you could use them as your lookouts if you do not live on the property.

Stop Talking About Your Hunting Property

If you are a hunting enthusiast, talking about your hunting episodes can be one of the topics you will share with friends or other hunters. While sharing your love for hunting may not be a big deal, you will want to be conservative in the details you share. 

For example, avoid sharing details about the animals on your property while amid other hunters. You will be surprised at how fast word about a large buck could spread, and within no time, you could see your trespassing problem increase. 

Most trespassers to a hunting property do it for poaching and will risk getting on any property if they have a word about wild animals on your property. So let your property details remain under wraps unless you are with close friends that you can trust or family. 

Good lighting is an excellent deterrent to trespassers and potential burglars. I
Good lighting is an excellent deterrent to trespassers and potential burglars. I

Invest In Good Lighting

Good lighting is an excellent deterrent to trespassers and potential burglars. If valuable items are on your property, they could be a huge temptation for trespassers such as burglars. Sometimes these trespassers will make a move when it’s dark. So keeping your property well lit can act as a deterrent.

You should opt to install motion detection lights. The best thing about using motion detection lights is that they have an element of surprise, which can effectively scare trespassers. Some motion sensor lights also act as alarm triggers that could notify you when there is movement on your property. 

Final Words

While trespassing may seem like not much of a concern, it has the potential to cause problems that could have you bearing responsibility for your actions. So you will want to ensure that you make a deliberate effort, such as adhering to the tips highlighted in this post, to keep trespassers out.

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