Some say you should start the day (or year) with easy wins to get the momentum going, before you plunge headlong into the hard stuff. I agree. Nothing like checking a few things off the list before January ends. These quick and easy IKEA hacks are just the sort of projects to get you going and set you up for DIY success the rest of the year.

Anyone can do these hacks and they require no special tools. Plus, they look fabulous. So let’s start hacking.

Mushroom lamp

An easy and cute IKEA hack that popped up frequently on my IG newsfeed. All you need is a vase and a bowl. Technically any vase and bowl will work. But in my books the best pairing is the $3.99 IKEA KARAFF Carafe and a BLANDA glass serving bowl. The marriage of these two items is simply perfect. Add a battery operated puck light to the turn it into a cute mushroom lamp.

There are many ways to decorate the lamp. The easiest is to spray paint it in the color of your choice. I’ve seen these lamp hacks painted in bright orange for a retro feel. Stone textured spray paint or a paint and baking soda mix is also very popular. Or if you like, decoupage with fabric like how @skandimart did to match her black and white theme.

As the bowl and vase are not stuck together in any way, I do not recommend using this in kids rooms. Best kept out of reach of pets and children.

A stitch in time

The $2.99 TROMMA clock is fast replacing the old discontinued RUSCH clock (it was such a loud ticker!) as the most hacked IKEA clock. The TROMMA clock’s design is visually quiet — all white with punch holes forming the numbers. IKEA purposefully made it so — issuing a challenge to “let your creativity flow!” as stated in the product description. Besides color paper, IKEA hackers used thread, transforming the TROMMA into a fun, colorful timepiece. What other ideas do you have for the clock?

Round wood slat side table

The most unlikely combination of items but it turned out fabulous. So not surprising, this easy 3-item IKEA hack has been making its rounds on social media. To make this, you’ll need two IKEA RÖDEBY armrest trays, an IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan and a NYPON 9 1/2″ plant pot. Spray paint the trays and lazy susan in the color your want. Then, use a strong adhesive to glue the tray panels around the plant pot. Top it with the lazy susan and there you have it – a new chic side table. See her DIY reel for the tutorial.

Decorative bowl and candle holder

Need a large decorative bowl with a bit of height? Take an IKEA GRADVIS decorative bowl and plant pot. Glue the underside of the plant pot to the bowl to create a stand. Add on candle holders if you’re using it as a candle stand. Spray paint as needed. You can leave it in its original green glass. If so, hide the joint where the two bowls meet with a string of beads or twine.

The GRADVIS bowls are not the only candidates for this type of hacking. I’ve seen FNISS bins stacked together, PÅDRAG glass vases, large and small BLANDA MATT bowls stuck on back to back … and the list goes on. The moral of the story? Try stacking items at IKEA until you get a function and shape you like. Stick them together, spray on a coat of paint and voilà, something totally different comes out. Definitely an activity worth trying out on your next IKEA trip.

Reeded glass film IKEA cabinet hack

If you’re tired of doors with cane webbing, try glass film instead. It looks absolutely classy on any IKEA glass doors. Here, it’s seen on the RUDSTA cabinet in twilight black film. It also looks great on a BILLY OXBERG. Application is easy: Cut the glass film slightly larger than the glass door. Spray water onto the glass and lay the film onto the glass surface. Adjust into place, press the film down and push out bubbles with a card. Lastly, trim off the excess film. That’s all.

What easy IKEA hacks will you be trying out in 2023? Let us know in the comments below.

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