NOVAH partnered with iSoft Infrastructure Software Co. to deliver a simple, yet modern office for their location in Shanghai, China.

iSoft Infrastructure Software Co., Ltd is a technology company focused on software research and industrialization of domestic basic software products. NOVAH teamed up with SCG to design its Shanghai office in 2021.

Based on the business attributes and work habits of employees, we have customized a healthy suitable and healthy work environment for them.

In the overall style of simple and modern, the style of office is simple and modern. The design scheme involves different functional levels of private office, open office areas, R&D workstations, functional workstations and etc. Making better use of idle space and effectively enhance the efficiency of all departments.

In the private office, we chose wooden and leather furniture to make the style noble and elegant. Sunlight shines into the office through the floor-to-ceiling windows, which is suitable for senior leaders to conduct business communication and negotiation.

We have created an open collaboration area where employees can have impromptu discussions at any time. In this area, we placed comfortable bar stools so that employees can choose a more comfortable sitting posture and become more relaxed physically and mentally.

The overall simplicity of the meeting room, without too much decoration, to ensure that the participants can concentrate on the content of the meeting. The square tables can be freely spliced to meet a variety of meeting formats.

In this project, we fully considered the needs of this technology company and created an efficient office space to help employees improve efficiency and let them enjoy their office.

Design: NOVAH
Photography: courtesy of NOVAH

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