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Whatever you want to do, Corian® Design can make your space uniquely you. Corian® Design is more than just a countertop material brand; it is a source of inspiration for architects, designers, and homeowners around the world. now they’ve created a tool called Moodboard Maker that allows designers and homeowners to create a unique inspiration board for your rooms — they invited me to try the tool out, and i must say the Moodboard Maker is rather addicting. I couldn’t just make one but felt compelled to keep the inspiration going by making four moodboards — each one representing four of my favorite rooms. these not only serve as a collection of reference textures, colors, patterns and materials but also become a unique, personalized piece of art you can share with friends, or perhaps an interior designer you’re working with, or you can even print and frame them through the tool for future inspiration.

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The Corian® Design portfolio includes solid surface as well as quartz materials in over 100 different colors and patterns and the Moodboard Maker lets you choose from those collections and then add your own photographs by simply uploading them, or using photos from their existing library. At Corian® Design, they believe that when we’re designing our spaces, we’re not putting together just any room — we’re combining materials, textures, and furnishings to tell a story about who we are and what matters to us aesthetically, no matter what our taste. it’s a shape-shifter, with the ability to evoke an unlimited array of emotions, a narrative tool that can adapt itself to anything you can imagine.

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The Moodboard Maker is a super-simple experience that just takes a few steps:

• Choose the style that most represents you. I chose four: Bohemian; Refined; Relaxed and Organic.

• Each style is associated with a unique mosaic shape (for example: modern will have hard edges, while bohemian has more swirling lines) as well as unique textures to choose from (minimalist might be sleek metals and monochromatic patterns while organic features driftwood textures and floral patterns.)

• Fill your mosaic with a Corian swatch and then with any other images, patterns or textures of your choice. You can use the preloaded options or upload any image.

• Your finished Moodboard can be saved to your camera roll. You can share it on your social network of choice. Or you can order through Peecho, a framed print of your mosaic. So you can have, hanging in your finished room, a piece of art representing the inspirations that helped you create it. Easy, and as I said, addicting! Have fun making as many moodboards as you like!

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