i have not wanted to get out of bed lately. it’s been pouring rain, and it was a long weekend, so i indulged myself a little bit with some good books and bed. so today i’m doing a post for those who embrace bedtime with a bohemian vibe. i love a cozy layered-looking bed with loads of quilts and throws and very comfy pillows. i like a mildly chilled room with windows open to fresh air and then crawling under lots of weight, right now two duvets — it’s heaven. i also love the look of my living room daybed stacked with tufted bed rolls in a mad mix of prints. it’s an easy mismatched look to get, and there are loads of resources online for collecting a plethora of beautiful prints and textures to create this leisurely, laid-back look.

i’m in the camp where more is more in the case of bedding, and the more mismatched, the better. layered bedding in prints look super stylish — creating the kind of effortlessly chic vibe europeans excel at. some of my favorite online resources for getting the look are paris-based le monde sauvage and jamini, shops like madame stoltz, amara, soil to studio, caravane, camomile london, kerry cassill, society of wanderers, nancy bird and anthropologie. get ready to get cozy and comfy!

clockwise, l to r: pillows by @merelvisscher; print bedding via desire to inspire; canopy bed by @marlouvmarle; stack of bed tools from rum living; bagheera quilt from print fresh; bed nook from society of wanderers; floss/kelp double-sided quilt from society of wanderers; pillows from soil to studio; print quilts from caravane; pile of quilts via organizationally impaired; wes gingham patchwork quilts from heirloom art co.; handmade quilt via lily cat; striped bedding from hay; dockatot primrose futon royal quilt from maisonette; gingham canopy bed via @cabana magazine.

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