Say hello to Manchego, a bold and round retro serif font.

When you bring together the renowned Cooper Black from 1922 with Windsor, a font that’s even more seasoned in 1905, something special emerges, Manchego! Designed and published by the skilled team of Fenotype, this typeface has all of Cooper’s curves and serifs as well as some remarkable bold features such as an extra-large R bowl, peg-legged N, pinched U, and bending a’s. It gives off a charming throwback look that works perfectly with illustrations or serves equally well. With these unique characteristics in tow, Manchego will stand out in any design project!

Even with its vintage flair, Manchego is armed with all the modern OpenType features. Standard ligatures are available to make tricky character combinations simpler. Plus, you can use swashes and stylistic alternates to create a unique look that stands out!

Just click on one of the following links to get further information about the Manchego font. I’m sure you’ll love it!

Below you can see a few sample images of the Manchego retro serif font in use.

Manchego Font by Fenotype
Manchego Font by Fenotype

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