Even the smallest walk-in closets add much-needed privacy and storage space to rooms. Walk-in closets allow you to store similar items together and keep your home clutter-free. You can double up on your overall storage space with the right IKEA hacks and ideas for your small walk-in closet.

IKEA has many modular closet systems and freestanding wardrobes that can be used to maximize space in small walk-in closets. The AURDAL, BESTA, PAX, and PLATSA modular systems are popular options because they let homeowners customize the inside of tight walk-in closets to suit their storage needs.

While your walk-in closet may not seem big enough to store everything, it actually has sufficient space for everything you need to store and more. You just need some closet inspiration! With our helpful IKEA hacks, your small walk-in closet becomes a blank canvas for an IKEA closet makeover! 

What Type Of Closets Can You Buy At IKEA? 

Regardless of how small your walk-in closet may be, you can use IKEA’s stellar closets and storage solutions to transform it into your dream closet. IKEA’s closets can be divided into two main categories: freestanding wardrobes and modular systems. 

IKEA Freestanding Wardrobes 

IKEA has a wide selection of freestanding armoires and wardrobes that are ideal for use in tight walk-in closets. While these options can’t be customized like the modular systems, they come in various sizes and designs – which means you can find freestanding storage solutions that suit your space. 

IKEA Modular Systems 

IKEA’s modular wardrobe systems give homeowners endless closet possibilities. With these closet systems, you can design a walk-in closet that perfectly fits your space and needs!


The IKEA AURDAL system combines modern designs with compact functionality. This sleek modular system has many possible storage combinations and is ideal for use in small spaces like walk-in closets. 


The IKEA BESTÅ system expertly fuses open and closed storage. There’s also a wide variety of colors, materials, and textures for homeowners to choose from. You can even use this system to craft a display cabinet for your walk-in closet. 


The IKEA BOAXEL system is one of the most affordable modular systems. While customizing this durable storage system, you can select different sizes, materials, colors, and finishes to personalize your closet. 


The IKEA PAX system is one of the most popular options due to how customizable this modular system is. For example, there are hinged doors, sliding doors, and wardrobes without doors. You can further customize your PAX wardrobe with handles, interior organizers, and wardrobe lighting. 


The IKEA PLATSA system can fit into the most unusual spaces, making it the ideal choice for extra-small walk-in closets! Whether you keep it low or build it high, the PLATSA system has many possible customization options and combinations to fit wherever you need. 

Tips To Choose The Right IKEA Closet For Your Needs

Here are a few helpful tips to help maximize any walk-in closet with IKEA’s closets and storage solutions!

Plan Ahead For Your Walk-In Closet 

Rethinking your current layout is key to organizing and maximizing space in small walk-in closets. Planning will ensure you utilize all your available closet space. You should measure the dimensions of your walk-in closet and take note of existing features to design around them. 

Combine Open And Closed Storage Options

While IKEA has many closets and storage options, it’s up to you to find the ones that work best in your walk-in closet. For the best results, combine open and closed storage options. Combining multiple storage options ensures there’s a place for everything! 

Pick Closets That Perfectly Fit Your Space

You should choose IKEA closets and storage solutions that fit your closet’s dimensions as perfectly as possible. Doing this will ensure you fully maximize your entire space and prevent having wasted space. 

Use IKEA Free Storage Planning Tools 

IKEA has free planning tools for customers to use online. The BESTÅ, BOAXEL, ELVARLI, PAX, and PLATSA planners let you design a custom closet to perfectly fit your walk-in space. You can combine different elements, including drawers, shelves, hanging rods, hooks, and more!

20 IKEA Hacks and Ideas To Maximize Your Small Walk-In Closet

Here are twenty fantastic small walk-in closet ideas and IKEA hacks to help you get the most out of small closet spaces!

1. Install Drawers And Shelves For Versatility 

small walk-in closet ideas - add drawers for more storage
Erin Devine @topshelfdiy

Installing a combination of drawers and shelves in your walk-in closet creates the perfect balance of closed and open storage options for maximum versatility. If your existing closet does not come with drawer options, you can add a set of drawers using one of these IKEA hacks.

2. Make The Most Of Every Wall In Your Walk-In Closet 

use wall space in your walk-in closet

When customizing a modular system, like the IKEA PAX wardrobe, you should use every wall in your walk-in closet. While you can create a wall-to-wall storage system with IKEA’s planning tools, there are many wall storage options to help maximise the small space. The BOAXEL system can be slot into small nooks and built up for more storage.

3. Divide Your Walk-In Closet Into Zones 

divide your small walk-in closet into zones

The best way to maximize your walk-in closet is to divide and conquer the space. IKEA KALLAX shelving unit can stand flush against the wall or divide a closet space. Katherine divided the small closet space into two for her twin boys, using the KALLAX as the anchor piece.

4. Stack Clothing Rods To Add Extra Hanging Space

Stacking clothing rods above one another lets you maximize storage space in small closets. You can also add a second hanging section or a pants rack to many of IKEA’s modular systems. Multi-use hangers will help you save even more space while hanging clothes!

5. Hack a closet island

Like a kitchen island, a closet island can be so useful. It provides storage for shoes and bags. Accessories, makeup and skincare and go into drawers. And extra countertop space is always helpful when you need to do your hair and makeup. Lauren used the old EXPEDIT, similar to the KALLAX, to easily put together a compact island that fits right into her closet. Add wheels to push it out of the way when not in use.

6. Add High Shelves For Seasonal Storage 

use high shelves for seasonal items

You can utilize more vertical space by installing high shelves in your walk-in closet. These shelves are ideal for storing seasonal items you don’t need access to year-round. Put these items in transparent boxes so they are easy to identify. Or in pretty baskets with a label in front.

7. Install LED Lights Under Your Shelves 

Installing LED strip lights under your shelves is a perfect way of adding mood lighting to your walk-in closet. The IKEA PAX Closet lets you add lighting while customizing your closet. If you have wardrobes with doors, the battery powered STÖTTA cabinet lighting strip automatically lights up when you open the doors.

8. Add Mirrored Doors To Expand Small Spaces

add mirrors to expand the space in your small walk-in closet

Many of the IKEA PAX wardrobes have the option to add mirrored doors. There are also freestanding wardrobes with mirrored closet doors. It’s an old trick to give the illusion of space. But it works.

9. Hang A Full-Length Mirror On The Closet Door

small walk-in closet ideas - add a mirror to the door of your walk in closet

Hanging a full-length mirror over your walk-in closet’s door is the most effective way of expanding small closet spaces. IKEA used to carry the GARNES mirror which served this purpose. Unfortunately it’s no longer in production. You can get similar over the door mirrors on Amazon.

10. Use floating shelves for a clutter free appearance

small walk-in closet ideas - floating shelves for sneakers and shoes
Mi Llave Allen

Floating shelves make for sleek storage. With invisible mounting, these shelves are ideal for displaying items like your perfume collection. They are discrete and can reduce visual clutter, which makes a huge different in small closet. The smallest IKEA LACK shelf is less than 12 inches wide and may fit into many a tight spot. They are perfect as shoe shelves.

11. Use BILLY Bookcases For Easy Customization

IKEA BILLY bookcases are as versatile as the product line, making it easy to add shelves to any walk-in closet. There are many different sizes available. Smaller sizes are the perfect addition to any kid’s room. Casey added the narrow BILLY bookshelf against one wall in her closet, anchored it to the wall. Then added shelves from the BILLY to the other end of the closet. She used shelf and rod brackets to hold up the shelf and clothes rail to complete her toddler wardrobe.

12. Organize Clutter With Storage Carts

raskog cart for diapers

IKEA storage carts make an ideal addition to your walk-in closet. You can use them to store smaller items like scarves, gloves and hats. Even diapers! While these carts can be used for additional storage space, you can also use them to wheel clean clothes back to the closet from the laundry room.

13. Wall Hooks Help Prevent Wasted Space

From jewelry to clothing, IKEA’s extensive range of wall hooks are the perfect addition to your walk-in closet. You can install them in any vertical space, even behind the closet door! These hooks are available in many designs and styles. An IKEA hack to try is to use kitchen rails like the HULTARP on the back of doors or on walls for more storage space.

14. Install Pegboards To Reduce Clutter

ikea pegboard for accessories

IKEA SKÅDIS pegboards offer great wall storage options, making them one of the best IKEA closet hacks. You can use pegboards to store jewelry, make-up, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, and more! 

15. Add A Makeup Vanity Into Your Closet 

small walk-in closet ideas - add a vanity in the IKEA wardrobe

IKEA has many make-up vanities and dressing tables, ensuring your styling essentials are always within reach in your walk-in closet. But when you don’t have the space for a stand-alone vanity, try adding a makeup vanity in the wardrobe itself. Jenny Komeda left the top half of one of the PAX frames empty and installed a PAX shelf at counter height to serve as her vanity. Add a mirror and you’re done!

16. Add A Picture Ledge To Your Walk-In Closet

Picture ledges are one of the most minimalist (and easiest) ways of decorating a wall. While these ledges are meant to display photos, they can also hold handbags, makeup and accessories in a closet. To milk even more mileage out of them, screw in eye hooks under the ledge to hang necklaces and jewelry.

17. Double Your Shoe Storage with Organizers

IKEA stacking shoe organiser

IKEA has many shoe organizers and shoe storage, which are crucial for an organized closet. We like the SKOSTALL shoe organizer that lets you stack one shoe on top of the other. A real space saver.

18. Dressers Up Your Closet’s Folded Storage Space

IKEA dressers are one of the most practical additions to your walk-in closet, providing you with more than enough drawer space. You can also use the top of the front dressers as a vanity table! Using dressers in your guest room provides extra space for guests’ belongings.

19. Add Clothes Boxes To Compartmentalize

use storage bins for clothes

Clothes boxes help you maximize your clothes storage and take the guesswork out of getting ready. IKEA clothes boxes fit perfectly in unused spaces. The HEMMAFIXARE fabric storage case is ideal for your linen closet. It has front facing zipper that lets you access the contents without moving the storage case out of the shelf.

20. Complete Your Closet With Storage Footstools

add a storage footstool

IKEA’s storage footstools are the perfect way to complete your walk-in closet, especially if you installed a vanity table. The sleek BOSNÄS footstool can be used to store miscellaneous items!  

There are many brilliant small walk-in closet ideas and IKEA hacks to help you maximize your closet space! By using IKEA modular systems and freestanding closets, you can craft a versatile storage space where there’s room for everything and more. These closet organization ideas ensure there’s no wasted space in your dream closet.

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