Digital Decade resident, artist Azamat Akhmadbaev dropped a personal release on Sedition Art Platform, London.


This series of video artworks is a metaphysical trip to another reality between our vision and perception. In accordance with the postulates of postmodernism and legacy of Derrida, the artist plays with the language of color, providing the opportunity to rethink our links with the current world through kitsch and low fidelity. Macro video recording and experimental sounds in videos are ‘entry points’ to the new stage of postmodernism where a viewer can melt a metaphysical body and disappear to leave marks in the internal world.

The collection name is derived from the words “macro”, “experiment” and “sound”.

WARNING: These videos have been identified to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Azamat Akhmadbaev (b.1991, Karachayevsk) is a visual artist who lives and works in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He works across many disciplines including painting, photography, video and digital art. His artworks operates in the gap between glitch art, abstraction, minimalism and graphic art. Also he is a founder/editor-in-chief of dontpostme magazine – a magazine about contemporary art. Private collections in Russia, Spain, the USA, the UK and Poland.

DONTPOSTME (@dontpostme_magazine)

Since 2012, Azamat Akhmadbaev and Zulya Kumukova have published an online magazine, DONTPOSTME featuring interviews by outstanding contemporary artists. The latest interviews are featured on Instagram; interviewed artists include Anne Vieux, Michael Staniak, Matt Mignanelli, Gergo Szinyova, Lee Bul and Jenny Brosinski.


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Digital Decade Special Edition 2020 by Designcollector Network

The Digital Decade SE 2020 collection is a selection of digital artworks curated by Designcollector Network. The collection and connected events, released in 2020, are the latest iteration of Digital Decade which has previously been presented as a series of Phygital Art events in London, Barcelona and Saint Petersburg, featuring more than 150 artists in total. Starting from 2013 artists have been invited to respond to the geopolitical, environmental, social changes taking place today in the digital age

Digital Decade SE

View and collectMCR_XPRMNT+SND by Azamat Akhmadbaev