Apple TV 4K (3rd generation)  device

Netflix has announced that it will discontinue support for older Apple TV models starting July 31. The streaming giant cited the need to “maintain the best possible Netflix experience” for devices capable of supporting the latest features and updates, according to Mac Rumors.

The models affected are the second- and third-gen Apple TVs. Because both models ran on an early version of iOS that predates tvOS and lacks an App Store, Apple classified the devices as obsolete. Consequently, they no longer receive updates.

The former device was released in 2010 and is powered by an A4 chip and offers up to 720p resolution. Apple sold this model until 2012, when it was replaced by the third-generation Apple TV, featuring an A5 chip and 1080p support.

The news of Netflix discontinuing support for older Apple TV devices comes months after reports told us to expect another series of price increases in 2024. The streaming service last raised prices in October 2023, increasing the basic plan from $9.99 to $11.99.

Netflix will remain accessible on the Apple TV HD (fourth-gen model) and Apple TV 4K models. Outside of upgrading to a new Apple TV device, Netflix recommends switching to compatible smart TVs or Roku devices.