There is a compelling argument that biophilic design can enhance our wellbeing. The use of natural materials, patterns, and phenomena to maintain a connection to nature within the built environment has been found to support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being. A deep, profound change occurs in us when we reconnect with nature.

Using the principles of biophilic design, GH Commercial has introduced the Native Collection by Feltex, which lays the groundwork for connecting urban interiors with the natural environment through designer flooring. Repetitive organic patterns in each carpet tile, which are inspired by the bark grain of native Australian and New Zealand trees, turns cold spaces into warm habitats that promote wellbeing and productivity.

The Native Collection includes three designs—Eucalypt, Ironbark, and Toatoa—in five organic colours. Using biophilic references from our native trees, these colourways allow for each product to be mixed and match, creating unique flooring layouts that still feel cohesive.

To create this striking new collection, the design team explored our native bushland and over time built an image library of native trees, with a focus on the organic textures, colours and random patterns of various barks. Using these images as a starting point, the team produced 12 initial concepts, and then they worked to manipulate, simplify and improve the final designs and colour schemes inspired by our real native landscapes.

The native forests of Australia and New Zealand are shown off in this collection, which speaks to our affinity for our home country. Ready to support your project, all locally made and stocked, this collection creates a relaxing refuge for its inhabitants by closing the divide with nature.

Through the use of Pattern Perfect® technology, the Native Collection’s solution-dyed nylon carpet planks provide stylish, long-lasting flooring for all market segments, from healthcare to education and workplace environments. Pattern Perfect® allows greater pattern and colour placement, multiple pile height, pinpoint stitch accuracy and custom tile and plank capability, giving designers the ability to better express themselves in this 3D format. The result is a beautiful, commercial-rated product with extremely good wear characteristics that is also proudly Declare® Red List Free certified.

As a distributor of market-leading brands, including Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, Mohawk, and IVC Commercial flooring products, GH Commercial is part of the largest flooring company in the world and has an extensive product portfolio.

The team at GH Commercial, known for offering high-quality flooring solutions, uses more than 150 years of manufacturing experience gained through Godfrey Hirst operations to develop product solutions that improve indoor environments while minimising their negative effects on the environment.

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