mist hangs over a forest landscape with a single tree appear to stand in front of the dense canopy

“Autumn Silence.” All images © Mikko Lagerstedt, shared with permission

Steeling against snowstorms and the brutal cold of winter, photographer Mikko Lagerstedt (previously) devotes himself to documenting the frozen solitudes of his native Finland. His ethereal images frame vast swaths of land and sea with very little human life, capturing fog lifting at daybreak or the brilliant dance of the auroras.

With an eye for unique light, color, and texture, Lagerstedt’s photos are tinged with magic and mystique. Sunlight filters through a candy-colored atmosphere, icicles clasp to the barren branches of a lone tree, and the night sky appears like a glimmering blanket of stars, softly illuminating the terrain below.

Lagerstedt’s exhibition The Solitude of Nature is on view through January 31 at Kaari in Helsinki, which will move to the Goodman in Hämeenlinna after that.  Shop prints on his site, and follow his latest work, including photos from a recent trip to Kuusamo, on Instagram.


fog hangs over a sparsely populated island of trees with a tiny moon distant in the sky

“In Silence”

left: purple and green lights dance above a small body of water with fishing boat in the foreground. right: greenish blue lights sweep over a snowy landscape with a tiny person in the distance

Left: “The Show.” Right: “Green World”

icicles hang from a snow covered tree on a bright white snowy landscape


the starry constellation and green and purple lights fill the night sky. waterfalls are below

“Milky Way and Aurora”

left: a deep navy sky studded with stars over stones in a body of water. the moon is tiny in the distance. right: a massive star studded sky over a bay

Left: “Crashing Waves.” Right: “Coastal Dream”

two hunks of ice float in a body of water with a purple mist hanging overhead and the sun in the distance

“Cold Breeze”

a person walks through a snowstorm in mountains

“Through the Storm”

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