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as part of my ongoing series on pinterest protips i thought it would be an interesting point of view to ask pinners who have done well on pinterest how they go about using its tools. from bloggers to brands i’m going to drop in from time to time and share with your some of their winning practices on pinterest and how it helped build their following and their brands. this week, i had the pleasure of speaking with megan martinez the social media manager at jenni kayne and she shared a bit of their success story with me. if you’re not familiar with jenni kayne, it’s a california lifestyle brand that inspires women to live well every day — from wardrobe essentials to all the things that make a house a home, they create effortless staples without sacrificing style or comfort, with a focus on inviting neutrals, quality construction, and attention to detail. they believe in simplicity, consistency and building a personal uniform that lasts season after season. they also publish one of my favorite blogs, rip & tan — a source for inspiration, with stories on style, interiors, wellness, entertaining, and an aim to educate and empower women to live their best lives every day.

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i took the opportunity to chat with megan about how they use pinterest and jenni kayne’s latest project — creating the jenni Kayne lake house in the cozy serenity of lake arrowhead and quite literally bringing their brand to life. nearly every room has a view of the lake, with endless potential and opportunity to create something special to enhance its idyllic environment. they brought in pieces from some of their favorite brands and harnessed the beauty of lake arrowhead to create their lake house — and in creating this project the team used pinterest first to pin design inspiration and then when the project was completed to share what they’d created with their lake house pinboards. so, without further ado, let’s dive into our interview and learn more about how Jenni kayne built their very successful brand, and how they’ve helped do that with pinterest.

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victoria: how did jenni kayne first start the brand and how has it evolved?

jenni kayne: we started jenni kayne 20 years ago as a fashion company. The brand has evolved over time to mirror Jenni’s laid-back California life as a mother of three children with pieces to help women live well every day. We’ve expanded beyond fashion to become a true lifestyle brand with simple, quality pieces to last a lifetime.

v: so, it’s expanded into a kind of ready-to-wear lifestyle and homewares brand?

jk: yes, as a lifestyle brand we have everything from entertaining essentials to candles and furniture, as well as wardrobe essentials. We believe in simplicity, consistency and building a personal uniform that lasts season after season, for both your closet and your home. Our elevated basics are made to stay with you as you grow and evolve in life, which is why we create pieces a neutral palette and comfort in mind.

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v: so, how do you use pinterest? do you upload original content to pinterest? do you pin from the shop?

jk: we use pinterest in a variety of ways, from planning our next event to promoting our brand. we upload all original content and we also pin from our website and lifestyle blog, rip & tan.

v: do you think that you find inspirational content on pinterest that helps build your brand?

jk: yes, absolutely. we launched our very first jenni kayne home just this year – the jk lake house. we used pinterest to find inspiration for the project with our lake house pinboard, and as a tool to share ideas and stay in touch with our team members throughout the project. the sections within each board were also so helpful in organizing ideas and inspiration as well as revealing the house once completed.

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v: do you feel like you have a pretty strong community on pinterest? you have a pretty big following with 6.2m monthly viewers.

jk: yes. definitely; i think pinterest is a little different than say instagram in terms of the community engagement — they’re two completely different platforms and pinterest is sort of unique as the only social media platform out there where you don’t have to be on pinterest in order to use it and gain inspiration from it.

v: would like more comments, more interaction on pinterest, or would it be too challenging to maintain it?

jk: i think it would certainly be more challenging to maintain because the volume of pins is much greater per day than what we’re publishing on other platforms like instagram.

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v: do you ever pin from your instagram account? i’ve been thinking that could be an interesting way to grow your instagram following, and have your pinterest followers get an even better sense of what your brand is about, and perhaps get a bit more personal on pinterest.

jk: yes we do on occasion when the content is unique — we like to keep things fresh on every platform.

v: and so, what’s your favorite thing about pinterest?

jk: personally i think it’s such an amazing platform for discovery. i love that you can come across an image without even really searching and it’s exactly the inspiration you’re looking for. I also love how well you can organize and categorize imagery and inspiration, especially with the sections within boards.

v: do you think that pinterest’s suggested pins are good for you then?

jk: yes, i think it’s always nice to see and discover new content, especially on pinterest where you’re not always searching for new accounts to follow.

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v: and what has been the impact of using pinterest on your brand? do you see traffic and sales from it?

jk: we do. we receive traffic and sales from our pinterest account, and it’s been a top driver of traffic for our blog, rip & tan which is really amazing.

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• photography by Tessa Neustadt and Nicki Sebastian for jenni kayne.

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