A doll portraying a a dog rollerskating next to a pug who also has on mini rollerskates.

All images © Cat Rabbit, shared with permission

Sporting tiny sneakers and plates of eggs on toast, Cat Rabbit’s newest adorable characters (previously) get ready for the day in style. A frog dons loafers and a stylish briefcase, a self-assured bear presents a plate of breakfast, and a bespectacled Bichon Frisé tucks a bag of chips into a tiny tote. The Melbourne-based artist sends her animals out on everyday activities, like rollerskating or commuting to work, imbuing each figure with an expressive face and confident personality.

The artist currently has a solo exhibition titled Working Through It at Nucleus Portland through August 27, and her children’s book How to Make Friends: A Bear’s Guide, published by Berbay Books, was just released in the U.S. You can find a copy on Bookshop, and explore more work on Cat Rabbit’s website and Instagram.


A doll portraying a dog with glasses on, wearing a cardigan and jeans, and putting a bag of something into a tote bag.

A doll portraying a bear wearing a yellow shirt and red pants, with a plate of toast and eggs.

A doll portraying a frog wearing a jacket and jeans with a briefcase.

An array of felt characters like frogs, flowers, and eggs with faces.

A doll portraying a dog dressed up in a cowboy hat, plaid shirt and shorts, standing on green felt with a spade.

A doll portraying a toad in pajamas, holding a plate with toast and eggs.

A doll portraying a pear with legs and a face.

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