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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Koofr Cloud Storage (1TB) is on sale for £103.81 with the voucher code KOOFR.

Living in the age of smartphones is both a blessing and a curse. One of the major cons? We’re all addicted to the little handheld computers in our palms, and even little kids are hooked on devices. But a big pro is the ability to capture important events at any moment…which leads us to our next issue: where to store all of that data.

If you’re tired of your smartphone or computer informing you that you’re almost out of storage space, it’s time to be proactive. Give yourself the gift of massive cloud storage with a lifetime subscription to Koofr, a service that offers you 1TB of space to keep your memories safe, now for just £103.81 with the voucher code KOOFR.

Unlike most cloud storage options, Koofr offers 1TB for a low one-time price — which means no more monthly charges costing you a fortune year after year. And if you already have cloud accounts on those kinds of services, they also make it simple to connect to your existing accounts and access all your files in one convenient spot. There are no limits to transferring huge files, and you can upload, access, and share your files easily, as well. And they make sure your files are encrypted in rest and in transfer. 

Koofr doesn’t track you, so you can have peace of mind as you store your files privately in their cloud. They also offer some helpful perks like Koofr Duplicate Finder, which finds and removes unnecessary duplicate files and saves you space, and the advanced renaming option that helps you rename multiple files in a simple manner. And when you need to access a file, grab it easily straight from your computer with the Koofr Desktop App. 

Make 2024 the year you safeguard your data with a lifetime subscription to 1TB of storage with Koofr Cloud Storage for just £103.81 with the voucher code KOOFR.