Creating a new hospitality venue for discerning diners in Shanghai, RooMoo Design Studio has once again conceived a space that is both innovative and elegant. TIDU RESERVE is the place to be for fine dining or a drink at the bar with an interior design that provides the experiential.

TIDU RESERVE is located at Taikoo Li Qiantan in the Qiantan International Business District, Shanghai, China, where retail and residential, commercial and hospitality destinations combine to create a city within the city.

Shanghai high dining at TIDU RESERVE by RooMoo Design Studio

The design of the restaurant and bar was inspired by Yaacov Agam and his kinetic art, coupled with the Beijing Roast Duck cuisine that is renowned for its unique courses and flavours.

The layering of tastes from the cuisine have been artfully translated to the detailing of the interior design, while the graphic logo reflects the idea of a Chinese official’s uniform utilising the ‘Tide and Cliff’ pattern with blue and gold as the primary colours.

Shanghai high dining at TIDU RESERVE by RooMoo Design Studio

The restaurant’s overall footprint of 525 square metres (5652 square feet) is divided into three spaces: bar, dining and outdoor central garden. While each area is separate, there is connection through the design that emulates the idea of seawater flowing through coastal rocks.

The inspiring theme of the design translates the artistic philosophy of visual illusion through a layering and gathering method. RooMoo Design Studio has incorporated the framework of ‘Gathering Beauty’ and a continuously changing ‘visual illusion’ with each area resembling seaside rocks.

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Shanghai high dining at TIDU RESERVE by RooMoo Design Studio

A series of semi-spherical GRG modelling gypsum ceiling installations have been painted blue and beige with golden metal chain surrounds and as the chain shimmers there is the illusion of seawater washing over gold ore. There are four different assembly methods of the blue and gold glass bricks on the walls and this provides a certain privacy for diners but also allows some transparency.

The outdoor central garden is layered with plantings and offers a more intimate dining experience among the greenery for guests. The outdoor bar counter features coffee-coloured stainless-steel arcs with LED lighting that creates a layering of light and shadow. The ceiling showcases a logo on stacked glass panels that changes from different perspectives, while the bar shelf has been designed with overlapping blue semi-circular stainless-steel panels that reflects and refracts the light.

Shanghai high dining at TIDU RESERVE by RooMoo Design Studio

The circular motif has been utilised throughout with the overhead ceiling installations, in curved banquette seating and in round dining platforms for small gatherings. Lighting is subdued with LED strip lighting providing up light and down light, depending on the area. The material palette comprising walnut timber, mirrored stainless-steel, custom bronze-coloured metal mesh, custom glass bricks and leather, all combine to complement each other and lift the design to the height of sophistication.

While visiting TIDU RESERVE is a theatrical experience, there is also a sense of calm and serenity through the overall layout, furniture groupings and colour palette. The restaurant is not only finely detailed but a place in which to relax and rejuvenate body and soul. With excellent food and a memorable interior, TIDU RESERVE is certainly a place to experience fine cuisine and relax in style.

RooMoo Design Studio was awarded top honours, winning The Social Space category at the 2023 INDE.Awards for the design of Laizhou Bar.

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