Over the past year, Steelcase Australia has formed a working group to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to foster dialogue, relationships, reconciliation and future objectives with First Nations and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Steelcase Australia is now a part of a network of over 1100 organisations working with Reconciliation Australia.

The plan’s formation was guided by Steelcase’s cultural advisor, Julie Moore, a member of the Yuin nation and principal at Koorimunication. Moore highlights what the commitments entail for Steelcase in the future, saying, “The RAP journey is just as important as the end goals. A genuine desire of an organisation to meaningfully engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples over its ‘reconciliation’ journey can only result in an exciting, rewarding experience for all involved.”

Steelcase officially launches its Reconciliation Action Plan

The official launch of the plan coincided with NAIDOC Week and was a celebration that hosted Steelcase Australia’s Managing Director Susan Mardini. Uncle Allan Murray, chairperson of the metropolitan local Aboriginal land council, delivered the welcome to Country. The event was followed by an empowering and emotional didgeridoo performance, performed by cultural teacher and dancer Arthur ‘Turtle’ Tamwoy.

A highlight of the event was the unveiling of the painting, ‘Yalawa Murray’ Sitting Spirit in Gathang Worimi. Painted by Worimi artist Gerard Black, every stroke harbour meaning and holds the theme of connections between people and unlocking human potential and promise.

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Steelcase officially launches its Reconciliation Action Plan

The artist used his connection with Country and his ancestors to bring about this vibrant and reflective piece. And fittingly, the painting almost hides the image of a classic Steelcase stair, and the artwork directly compares to the values Steelcase represents and strives to achieve.

The event finished with a yarn-up that rounded off formalities and conversation on where Steelcase’s RAP would lead too. This led to the discussion of Steelcase’s commitments, establishing and strengthening its relationships with First Nations and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations, respect and opportunities within Steelcase, and governance to maintain their promise and commitments.

Steelcase officially launches its Reconciliation Action Plan

The official launch embodied the steps towards reconciliation across the region and beyond and shows exciting commitments between Steelcase Australia and the traditional custodians of Country.

The RAP working group says that the plan is “a wholehearted commitment to truth, respect, positive relationships and equity of opportunity will ground the actions we take as we implement this RAP and contribute to a shared vision for reconciliation.”


Reconciliation Australia

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