I absolutely can’t take my eyes off those tiny KitchenAid mixers on every counter!

One of Britain’s many cultural exports, the Great British Bake Off (renamed The Great British Baking Show in the US for legal reasons) is a wonderful example of what you get when you mix dry British humor with cooking. Sure, Masterchef has its appeal, but nothing is quite as funny as watching the Brits compete over their culinary talents. The sarcasm, chaos, camaraderie, warmth of the judges, and the sheer wit and humor of the hosts make the show a delightful watch no matter where you are… and if you’re a LEGO enthusiast as well, user ‘timoth_e_e’ has an adorable build that recreates the magic of the show, down to brick-size!

Designer: timoth_e_e

The LEGO Great British Bake Off set is littered with an INCREDIBLE amount of detail. Recreating almost every aspect of the show down to its tiniest details, the build set features six decked-out participant islands with burners, utensils, a sink, a KitchenAid mixer, and even an oven in the bottom, while the backdrop has those signature string lights, Union Jack flags, and the entire kitchen pantry for all the participants.

The show is nothing without its camera crew, which is why this set pays homage to them too, providing 3 dedicated Minifigures with filming gear. You’ve got two camera operators and a boom mic operator, two shoulder cams, two boom mics, a tripod, and a pair of poseable studio lights.

The entire build features a whopping 2800 pieces (nearly 4-5 times your average LEGO build), but a lot of that boils down to small details like just the sheer amount of equipment on each countertop, as well as the plants (which timoth_e_e mentions can be scaled down to reduce the ‘clutter’). The kitchens have just about everything you could ask for, with mixing bowls, whisks, cups, pie tins, and food galore.

“This set is meant to be very playable; the refrigerators and freezers open and close and have space for a 2×2 custard (or dough that needs proving), the counters and bakers can be switched around and mixed up for various combinations, and the ingredients on the counter can be switched out depending on if the bakers are working on a technical challenge or a showstopper,” says LEGO user timoth_e_e, the brainchild behind this set. “The idea is to be able to recreate almost any of the moments from the show with this model.”

Nothing beats a Lemon Meringue Pie, now does it?

Put your cake in the fridge to cool it down before you apply icing!

Once made, food gets displayed on the iconic Gingham altar, a linear table where the judges (and the hosts) inspect the food before digging in. In the meanwhile, contestants either wait at their stations, or sit on a row of benches, awaiting the verdict of the judges. The entire set has a whopping 21 Minifigures, including judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, hosts Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas, the three film crew, and 14 popular participants from multiple seasons of the show, allowing you to pick and choose your favorite contestants to play with.

“I think this model would be a fantastic addition to any Lego collection either as an amazing display piece or for its playability. With its instantly recognizable features and characters, the Great British Bake Off has a special magic that I think would translate well to Lego,” writes timoth_e_e on his submission page. The LEGO Great British Bake Off is his submission to the LEGO Ideas Forum, where enthusiasts create, share, and support original builds using LEGO bricks. Submissions that garner a lot of support get sent to the LEGO internal review team, and following their approval, get turned into retail kits for everyone to buy. With over 6,300 votes as of writing this, the MOC (My Own Creation) is well on its way to hitting the coveted 10,000 vote mark. You can vote for the build on the LEGO Ideas website.

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