Aston Martin chose the present day to reveal three of its new car models designed for three different platforms. Yes, the new generation of the Vantage is here alongside the GT3 version of the road racer and of course, the brand new AMR24 F1 that’ll hit the paddock for the 2024 Formula-1 season.

Our focus however is set on the Vantage GT3 that briefly made its debut in Daytona last month. The official reveal of the race track-oriented car developed in collaboration between Aston Martin Racing (AMR) and Aston Martin Performance Technologies (AMPT) happened today, and it replaces the outgoing Vantage GT3 that debuted in 2018. The latest version comes with an upgraded chassis, improved aerodynamics, and obvious cosmetic changes – making it more appealing.

Designer: Aston Martin

The striking GT3 has a very attractive nose section highlighted by the fender-mounted headlights. It gets even more boxy with the fenders having integrated louvers and a massive wing complemented by the new diffuser. The circuit-oriented car gets the same aluminum chassis as its road-legal counterpart. Every mechanical part is covered by carbon fiber panels, lending the performance vehicle a good balance of power-to-weight ratio.

GT3 also gets the same twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 as the more toned-down Vantage but the unit is tweaked to comply with the FIA GT3 class regulations. Suspension on this one is majorly improved from the last model to give it better handling characteristics. This results in way better driving dynamics of the GT3 for professional and novice drivers as well. Also, the British marque promises the car has more stable braking and wears its tires more evenly.

According to Gustavo Betelli Racing Head of Performance at Aston Martin, the new GT3 is adapt for any “circuit, on any tire, and with any driver.” As we saw during the 24 Hours of Daytona the three Vantage GT3’s seemed like a complete package on the track. The number of cars in this lineup will be produced to a limited number of 30 by the end of season 2024.

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