I’d use the term ‘unreal’ to describe the Porsche 928 E, but you’d wonder whether I was being literal or figurative. Meet the 928 E concept, a punkish EV inspired by classics like the DeLorean, but with a distinct Porsche DNA. Look at the silhouette and it looks pretty much like a part of the 928 family, with a rear curve that’s unmistakably Porsche. The only real deviation in trends can be seen in the front, with the slim headlights that feel like a break in tradition, and the uniquely cyberpunkish colorway featuring a metal body with a single black band running across from the front to the top and over to the back.

Designer: Youngjai Jun

The Porsche 928 E was created as a design exercise to see how merging Porsche’s aesthetic with the cyberpunk theme would turn out. The results are a surprisingly harmonious combination of visual languages, although some would argue that the Porsche character gets diluted a slight bit. My main bone of contention is with those headlights, which feel a little too similar to an IONIQ than a Porsche. That being said, it would be a little bit of a stretch, but I do see a little Taycan in those headlights. The one reason why that would make some semblance of sense is because just like the Taycan, the 928 E runs on an electric powertrain.

The car’s quite interesting to look at, if I don’t say so myself. Designed to look unusually eye-catching, it sports a black band running laterally, which explains the black-tinted windshield and rear shield too. To maintain the illusion of the black band, however, the car has no windows whatsoever. Clearly designed with a creative license, the doors are a single piece, with no handles, rear-view mirrors, or even windows. They merge perfectly into the car’s curvaceous body, sitting completely flush against it to create a wonderful sense of continuity – a continuity that feels even more enjoyable given the lack of windows.  I’ll be honest, I love the rear too, especially the glaring red Porsche logo that integrates with the 928 E’s taillights.

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