Discover these new and exclusive wooden cabins called The Bolder Starlodge, hovering high above Norway’s fjord landscape.

On February 1, 2023, the luxurious Bolder Starlodges will unveil and become one of the most sought-after high-end accommodations in Norway. Designed by renowned architects from Snøhetta, these cabins are guaranteed to wow visitors with their stunning features!

Soaring high above one of Norway’s most stunning fjords, The Bolder offers its visitors an extraordinary experience with nature. This remarkable destination boasts a unique design and location along the Lysefjord, making it one of Norway’s premier spots for lodging. With three new cabins designed by acclaimed architect firm Snøhetta now open to guests, you can enjoy a stay like never before!

The cabins are luxurious and perfect for anyone looking to bask in nature’s beauty and spend quality time with their loved ones. Two of these lodgings stand out, situated on the edge of tranquility – giving guests an astonishingly rare experience that truly immerses them into the wilds of nature. These unique accommodations will surely make your stay unforgettable!

Below you can see a few images of the cabins. Feel free to visit Fjord Norway to find more amazing places.

The Bolder: Three luxury cabins hovering over the fjord landscape of Norway
The Bolder: Three luxury cabins hovering over the fjord landscape of Norway

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