An installation of inflatable structures including a fluted arch and a large bubble-like sphere in the Leadenhall Building in London.

Photos by David Levene. All images © Atelier Sisu, shared with permission

Through a vibrant expression of joy, Atelier Sisu’s newest installation at the Leadenhall Building in central London counters feelings of anxiety and the tribulations of upheaval. “The world is at the precipice of change,” say Renzo B. Larriviere and Zara Pasfield of the Sydney-based studio. “This change can be felt from all directions, from climatic influences, political feuds, economic fluctuations, and social pressures.”

“Elysian Arcs” is part of RECHARGE 2024, an initiative responding to concerning trends in the mental health of London’s young professionals. Following the duo’s installation titled “Evanescent” in the same location last year, the new iteration incorporates the playfulness of their self-described “bubble-tecture” along with rainbow-like arches that gleam with a pastel sheen.

During the past year, Larriviere and Pasfield have been exploring the possibilities of dichroic materials and curvatures, which lends the iridescence evocative of soap bubbles. The surface of “Elysian Arcs” is designed to allow light to move across both the external and internal surfaces in a way that produces the greatest array of colors, which shift as one moves around or through the piece.

“We really believe in the democratisation of art and architecture, bringing art out of the gallery and into the everyday public realm—bridging the gap between cultural institutions and the urban fabric,” Atelier Sisu says. “With today’s ever-evolving technologies, we, as designers, have the capacity to change our traditional perception of what public spaces can be and how we are able to enhance and experience them.”

“Elysian Arcs” is on view through March 15. See more on the studio’s website.


People walk through an inflatable installation in the Leadenhall Building in London.

Looking up at a colorful inflatable arch installation inside a modern building in London.

An inflatable installation of arches and spheres that have a soap bubble-like appearance inside a modern building in London.  Looking up at an inflatable installation of arches and spheres inside a modern building.

Looking up at an inflatable installation of arches and spheres inside a modern London building.

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