this week we’re headed somewhere truly magical — almost gnome-like. we’re day-tripping (no pun intended) just outside mexico city to architect javier senosiain’s awe-inspiring psychedelic home casa orgánica, built in 1984 in the city’s naucalpan de juárez neighborhood. inhabited by javier and his family for 25 years, it only recently allowed the public inside to view the bio-architectural wonder he’s so beautifully created. while strolling through its gorgeous gardens you’re actually also walking on the roof of the cave-like house without even realizing it. the house is currently closed for renovations, so this trip is one of our imaginations, but javier does offer accommodations at another property he’s designed, el nido de euetzalcóatl — an airbnb if you can believe it. let’s get dressed for our magical mystery trip.

since we’re on a real adventure, i think we should dress the part — comfortable but a bit chaotic. let’s embrace the whimsy of this place with a bit of pattern play, shall we? comfy but stylish jeans — check, but add to that a fab green plaid coat and green converse sneakers, and magical socks to celebrate the nature that surrounds casa orgánica. we’ll pair that with a balaclava — because it just seems fun and mysterious, a layered vintage tee, a tequila-inspired graphic sweatshirt (the real shots come later), some green nail polish, and a red lip and cheek. brava, we’re ready to explore. before you go, you might like to check out horizontal vertigo: a city called mexico by juan villoro — an intimate and enthralling, often surprising and humorous book, and as vivid as mexico city itself. it’s a uniquely eye-opening tour of one of the great metropolises of the world, and mexico’s largest spanish-speaking city.

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