Georgios Anagnostou started his design days as a Greek-German specialising in carpentry and traditional timber heritage work in Europe. His intriguing and varied route has since brought him to Australia and, as Anagnostou readies himself for jury duty at the Sustainability Awards, he is set to draw on extensive experience across sustainable design. 

Anagnostou was involved in CLT (cross-laminated timber) at its fairly early stages in Europe, then similarly was a witness and protagonist for its initial introduction in Australia. He thus brings some serious experience and expertise on the details of sustainability, making him aptly placed to judge the awards. 

Closing soon! Sustainability Awards with juror, Georgios Anagnostou
Georgios Anagnostou.

“[I was] involved in applying the first versions of CLT that came out of Austria around the 2000s and late-nineties. At that stage already I was very much interested in sustainability. There were low-energy, passive houses coming out of Germany at that time using all sorts of different, very new technology,” says Anagnostou.

The deadline for entries for the 2024 Sustainability Awards was recently extended to 10th July. Anagnostou reflects on his place on the jury, describing how he has “looked at it from the other side of being involved in big projects.”

Closing soon! Sustainability Awards with juror, Georgios Anagnostou

He continues: “I’m obviously very interested in seeing it now from the [jury] side, and how a panel actually approaches these categories and the various entries in their context and in their particular categories. But also to learn from the other jurors and the panel – I see it as a fantastic opportunity to learn from peers.

“I’m looking forward to learning from other jurors, but also obviously bringing this side of more detailed expertise to that panel. And I hope to be able to have larger discussions to look at all these things with a more holistic approach; it’s not only environmental but also social and economic sustainability that I think need to be looked at in projects – to not only judge them in isolated, segregated categories, but having this holistic approach and seeing them in context.”

Closing soon! Sustainability Awards with juror, Georgios Anagnostou

So, with the deadline fast approaching, Anagnostou also draws attention to the importance of these kinds of awards programmes for the industry at large. “It’s drawing attention to design excellence in sustainability and in the built environment,” he says. “It provides a platform for exchanging thoughts among the jurors; discussing and learning new approaches. But also, it provides, I think, a platform for anyone who’s passionate or has something to contribute to this field where they can distribute and reach people, inform and bring them together in pursuit environmental challenges that we are facing and that the built environment, to a large extent, is responsible for.”

Professionals across the industry, then, should consider entering this year’s Sustainability Awards. “I think in the current climate – pun! – it is almost an obligation for everyone to search deep in their practice and what they’re doing in the industry to look for something that could demonstrate sustainable design excellence.”

Sustainability Awards

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Closing soon! Sustainability Awards with juror, Georgios Anagnostou

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