Check out Juno, a bold condensed hand-painted font for striking headlines.

ReveryWorks has recently crafted the perfect typeface for your headlines, JUNO. This striking condensed hand-painted font will give each of your characters a unique texture and create those alluring drag marks that you love. Show how bold and powerful you are with this one-of-a-kind font! Juno comes with a regular and SVG version.

For international users, this font offers extraordinary multilingual support. The Juno font offers characters such as À Ä Å Ã Æ Ç ÉÊÈËÍÎÌ, as well as many other unique characters like the innovative ŠÛߟ. It’s noteworthy that SVG fonts are a fresh development and can only be used by Photoshop CC 2017(or newer) or Illustrator CC 2018 (or newer). On the other hand, the regular font version is accepted in most applications.

Juno SVG and regular font by ReveryWorks.
Juno SVG and regular font by ReveryWorks.

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