sorry, not sorry — we’re back in san francisco yet again this week. but i have a feeling you’ll going to feel nothing but gratitude, hearing about one of the city’s most charming cafes, and one of my forgotten favorites. my friends at elsie green reminded me about frances, after reading that they dined there this week. i can’t believe i’ve never shared this lovely spot before because it’s utterly delicious and definitely has a warm place in my heart — many a good meal and fond memory have been made in this restaurant, known for serving seasonal comfort food in a cozy, casual neighborhood setting in the city’s Castro district. look for the old gray victorian on the corner and you’ve found frances.

i know all too well of san francisco’s foggy evenings, so we’re going to dress the part — should the fog roll in dramatically we may just disappear into the night. we’re layering up in a cozy gray headscarf, worn over a chic peacoat, a heather gray ribbed sweater, and black mini skirt worn with knee-high boots. so we don’t disappear entirely, i’ve added a fun and futuristic metallic silver bag and nail polish — just wave your hands madly so they see you through the mist. a great book to read and get you into the mood is house of sand and fog by andre dubus iii. it’s an all-time favorite of mine, about lives intersecting in unexpected ways — a struggle between a young woman and an immigrant Iranian family over the ownership of a house in northern california, which ultimately leads to the destruction of five lives. a fascinating read.

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